Thursday, 31 March 2016

Online Shopping: Opt For Bacteria-Free Haier Washing Machine

According to a study, 94.9% of UAE households have a washing machine. Best home ally overwhelmed by parents and children; the washing machine is creative and adventurous. But, it should not be chosen randomly, and some maintenance rules are needed! The bottom line in the short program before you go online shopping UAE, looking for a washing machine.

Where to place it?
The first criterion is to find its location. Make sure you leave least 60 cm between it and the "wet" elements (shower, tub, sink). The space should be ample enough for a machine with opening under a worktop or topped with a dryer to free up floor space. Warning: you need a special kit for it! Another option for small spaces is to opt for a washing-drying model.

On capacity
This is to assess the amount of laundry washing: if you live alone, a capacity of less than 5kg will suffice. For a couple, count 5 to 6 kg for easy wash linens. With two children, 6 kg may suffice and for large families, head to the "family" models that can be bought handy via online shopping such as those of series 86 and 82. Check out Haier offering 8kg capacity and even 9kg.

The economy
Today, the economy is part of everyone, and if the machine helps protect the planet and to reduce the cost of use is even better!! The energy consumption is represented by a letter (the first of the series 3 in the technical information) from A +++ (very good) to D (poor). Water is also an important point, and it is important to look at both the 2 directions that are on the energy label before choosing this washing machine. Not only 8Kg series models 86 and 82 are classified Haier A +++, they consume 30% less than those in class A, but in addition they are extremely efficient in terms of water consumption. The chart is often available to check the features before you do online shopping.

Prefer a "smart" washing machine
We all stand by the fact not to waste water and energy. Some machines have an automatic variable capacity system that calculates the load of laundry to adjust the amount of water and electricity.

The bacteria
Have you noticed itching, bad odors, allergies attacking randomly on you? These disturbances can signal the presence of bacteria in the washing machine. Yes! Don’t be surprised, it’s a fact. It is a peak for a device meant to make your own clothes and healthy!  A June 2011 study published in the British Mycological Society journal Fungal Biology, ensures that these bacteria can cause "dangerous fungi for humans and are ultra-resistant".  To fight against these bacteria, there are specific products for disinfecting the machine occasionally, especially when washed at low temperature. But, Haier fights the problem at its root by offering an exclusive system of antibacterial therapy (ABT). Head on online shopping for Haier appliances.

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