Monday, 15 February 2016

Samsung Note 5: What Do You Have To Say

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung cult is widespread for sure. A few months only passed since Galaxy Note 4 was autonomous. But now, more room, more people and so much in demand- the Samsung Note 5 came out! Expectations of the note 5 are very pupils after the great success of predecessors. The series were sold fairly well, but one cannot say no to choose when he acts as of the galaxy S series, which did not give any benefit to Samsung. 

The Galaxy S4 brings a good quantity of profit, but the Samsung note 5 was not so "receipt" by customers for its intended design. However, the series of notes, which include the last galaxy note 4, a great was marked and sold very well. In fact, the galaxy note 4 is always strong request. It is known as the well galaxy note 4 effectively help Samsung recover from the collapse in revenue. With other words, virtually we are ones who supports Samsung on the Note 5 to come because this device too is being sold very well. 

As rumors had it, the device comes with numerous features serums upgrades on the galaxy note 4. The note 5 will not screen with 4k resolution, EXYNOS 7420 SOC processor apparatus main photo 18mp with a powerful sensor that is on the rear side and a secondary camera 6mp e 7mp that is on the front face. The device is capable of serums recording videos with 4k ULTRA HD and will feature 16 GB TO 128 GB 128 GB MICROSD of internal memory that can be extended with a memory card.

A concept design of the Samsung Note 5 was further defined as it shows with a curved metal body, super AMOLED gorilla glass protected AUSSI 5 and a curved body. The device is powered by OCTA-CORE EXYNOS processor clocked at 3.2 GHz, 19mp main camera with OIS and a secondary 4.7mp camera, 32/64 GB of internal storage, and runs android 6.0. This will take further few months to decide the device output should hit the shelves in the course of September 2015, when the Galaxy Note 4 turns a year old. What are you waiting for more?


The Samsung Note 5 features 5.9” screen and ULTRA HD resolution screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB of RAM. Users have been enjoying the previous Galaxy 4, but now it’s time for a revolution.

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